Project Four

Our next project (and the last one too!) will deal with using Madmapper.

Madmapper is a projection mapping software that allow us to remix and shape videos and still images to project them onto surfaces.

Madmapper is available here (FOR MAC ONLY): Get the demo version to play around on your own computer.

Madmapper is installed in CB 135 on:

  • 4-3
  • 4-4
  • 4-5
  • Lab Assistants station


Official Madmapper Tutorials
Better MadMapper Tutorial Episodes:
Part 1 – Introduction:
Part 2 – Interface Basics:
Part 3 – Import and Play:
Part 4 – Masking:
Part 5 – Mesh Warping:
Part 6 – More Quad Settings:
Part 7 – Other Surfaces:
Part 8 – Exporting:

Things to look at:

EXAMPLES: – caterpillaramon tobinexcisionultra holoburning man skull 1burning man skullcastle nightclubface videotryst nightclubbaku // Sand ArtUkraineANUBucharestEmpire StateWeimarLondon (Vienna)SydneyVilniusOrlando // SofiaDubaiBates HauntDisney HalloweenBlue JourneyQuixoticDandypunkK Obermeier ApparitionKagemuJLo // TreesBoxHolophoneCheshireHoover DamImmersiveAbyssFatalist // SevillaTigerKutnaHuman FaceVansRestaurantSingaporeSamLyricalPool // Ola: MaybeNike Air MaxCesar Longue EpeePorscheGoogleEgyptDisney Water ScreensStageWushu // New BalanceHalloween houseBottleByblosMarseilleLyonToshibaSevilla XmasJaguarMannequinAnarchy Dance

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