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Group folders:


Place pins on this map, making sure you have your group selected.

Photoshop Scrolls:

44 inches x however long they need to be, but under 12-15 feet. Resolution should be 240 pixel per inch.

Save JPG copies of your scroll to Google Drive in your group folder, and keep the PSD copy on the student server or your own media. BY MONDAY MORNING 9AM


  1. On the first day the project was given to us, I was rather confused as to what we were actually doing. It didn’t really register to me that we could do literally anything we wanted to. I kept waiting for rules to be set or guidelines to follow. Even though I was confused, I still had a lot of fun researching images for amusement parks. I learned a lot from the construction images I found, since most were linked to a history page explaining the time.

    Even though it was not exactly what was expected, I had a lot of fun building the collages in photoshop. Being part of the digital arts world, that was something that was new to me, and I learned a lot during the experience. I usually don’t work well in teams either, but this was a great experience with collaboration. I loved all the constructive criticism that was involved and four minds building up to succeed in one idea. It was great when all of us had the same idea for a section in mind, and our similarities and differences really shined through this project.

  2. Our work on these large scrolls was interesting to say the least. I felt that everyone was walking into an entirely new experience and did not know exactly what was expected. However, by looking at the results, it is very clear that despite a lack of experience the end product was fantastic. I especially loved how no one stuck to just tow dimensional elements but instead broadened their perspectives and chose to include three dimensional elements in meaningful ways.Everyone continued to try new things as they went along, whether they worked with the piece or not. The entire process felt like a giant trial and error to me. You would do something to the scroll and then step back, evaluating if it worked or not. If it didn’t, you would either try it again somewhere else or just leave it the way it is. The best part of the entire process was that there was no wrong answer or rather no wrong method. Everything and anything was acceptable to make visually stunning piece of art that incorporated themes from the entire semester such as land art and art that was made of objects out of their natural element.

    All in all, it was a very interesting and entertaining project and a great experience to be able to collaborate with another well known artist.

  3. At the beginning of this whole thing I really thought the body work would be silly. While it does look a bit silly it seems to actually help. That and the walk around the building with everyone was very relaxing and fun, a perfect beginning for art like this.
    I really didn’t expect our scroll to turn out how it did. I really thought it woukd end up being an organized type of pretty, but it was chaotic instead.
    It feels like we all had fun together

  4. Reflection of the process 10/24/16

    I really enjoyed the process because I don’t enjoy planning in advanced. I enjoy just trying things out and seeing what happens. I could tell some of my peers who like to plan struggled with “the spur of the moment” essence of this project. I also enjoyed that this project had no boundaries; there was nothing we couldn’t do. I feel, however, that we are so tied to societies strict rules and regulations of self-expression that we never really escaped the box even in this session. The most daring thing anyone really did was rip some paper and paint with our hands. I think unfortunately this is a metaphor for how we are currently living our lives. We are limited in our innovations because we are always told no, and there are always rules. This the first assignment I’ve ever had with out rules. I found that during our session I tended to want to take flat things and build them into something 3D. I just feel more connected to 3D objects than I do to flat objects. As we were doing this project I couldn’t help but be conscious of the waste we were creating. There was tons of plastic packaging on our materials, I felt it was necessary to attach the waste to the ecology scroll because it demonstrates exactly what we are currently doing in a real life scenario; taking beautiful things and covering them with our trash. Over all I was grateful to have the space-time and materials to allow my creative mind to wander. I have to admit although I was skeptic in the beginning; I do feel that I have a deeper connection to my surroundings after taking the time to think about how everything impacts each other. It was nice to be able to let go of a desire to make something beautiful and perfect, and instead just worry about making something that meant something to me. I found myself wondering if other people understood why I was doing what I was doing, but about half way through the class I decided I no longer cared. This activity will stick with me for a long time, as I try to think out of the box in a world that tries to put you in one.

  5. Yesterday, Group 3: Building Environment (consisting of myself and Caitlyn) were walking outside of the building to look for objects we could use for a collage we’re making for our project, consisting of some rocks and tree branches. A few minutes later, the class went back to the classroom to put the stuff (we got collected outside) onto our collages. Our teacher (Corey George), printed big pieces of collages made by the entire class, Group 3’s collage consisted of photos I took of some buildings located at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida and photos of some buildings located at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, also three photos of my older brother and his son, and one photo of me and a guy in a donkey mask. While I was busy cutting out some of the pictures, my partner was busy adding some material to our collage, consisted of the stuff we found outside and some paint. After an hour and a half, we finished our collage, and it arguably looks like a real building environment.

  6. The project for me was about creating a collage of the outer elements of our walk and various items we picked up with the images we created. The stretch and bodywork we did really did wake up the senses and open my perspective to be a bit more creative in our class. I used the paint because it was what my creativity called for at that particular moment. I like that we had the freedom to express the art in what ever way we chose at that moment. The environment of working and creating was the perfect atmosphere to combine these elements of Orlando and Tampa.

  7. I actually really enjoyed this project. Being able to create something I was proud of and then destroy it was surprisingly freeing. The process of making the scrolls was fun and the process of the actual session got better the longer it went on. Was I cynical? Absolutely. However, I am also a perfectionist. Knowing that my goal was to destroy the scroll I’d spent weeks revising was not easy at first, but the more I did the more I wanted to do. Overall, this project was a good time and I’d destroy my art again anytime.

  8. This project had a little bit of a slow start, but the final product was really fun and creative. I liked the idea of letting everyone work on everything at the last day, not just the category we were assigned to. It was nice to look at images and compilations that weren’t ours, which were the same things we were looking at for 3 weeks. It was nice to put eyes on fresh images. It was also interesting to see how everyones creativity meshed, or didn’t. Regardless we all created dynamic collages- I would be interested to see what happened if all of us worked on one scroll at once.

  9. Today during class we explored the techniques of expressing the energy in our bodies to connect with the artwork we had to create. We first started off by letting our bodies loose and free by shaking around our arms and legs and stretching parts of our bodies that were more teanse. After finishing that first step we went on a walk and during the walk, we discovered some cool nature objects that we could use to create a cool collage with. Once we came back from our walk we began to just express ourselves by doing whatever we wanted to our collages. In the beginning of the creative process, it was hard for me to know what to do with our colleges. Once I started to play with the tree leafs I started to open up and not think so hard about what I should do. Even though this is a very different creative project I enjoy the process of trying to understand bodies energy with our art. It’s a very important thing to learn with all kinds of design work that you are dealing with.

  10. What struck me most about the experience today was how creatively freeing it was, while also being firmly grounded in practical art and the dynamic of a group interaction.

    I really enjoyed walking around beforehand, because it gave me time to think about what I wanted to do, and helped me relax so that I was ready to work and not just rushing into anything. I tried to use as much of the raw material as possible, and think of new and interesting ways of using it if I got bored with what I was doing. Watching other people really helped give me ideas as well, and I could always find something to work on at one of the scrolls.

    The fact that she was so open about the fact that you can really do anything you feel like doing, even tearing up other people’s work, really helped create a sense of freedom and exploration with the piece. It’s not like I wanted to mess with what other people were doing, it’s more to do with the fact that working on a project where someone is always telling you what you can and cannot do or slapping your wrist for being “too unique” is a totally negative experience.

    By contrast, working on this project was both fun and satisfying because we did accomplish something together and we did end up with something we can be proud of, but we did it without micromanaging each other or worrying about the end result.

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