Pharma Stockist Agreement

“agreement” is the meaning defined in the original paragraph of this agreement. 4.2 Correction of the defective product. If Mikah accepts that a batch is a defective product, Mikah will replace the defective product or refund the total amount of all payments, including payments subject to the shipping obligation, made by DRL for that product. If Mikah disagrees with DRL`s finding that this product is a defective product, each party may, after making reasonable efforts to resolve disputes, forward a sample, batch registration and associated documentation of the product to a mutually agreed independent third party, who is an expert or is familiar with the industry, to determine whether the product complies with specifications or is otherwise defective. The results of the independent part are final and binding on both parties. If such results indicate that the product was defective, Mikah must replace the defective product or refund the total amount of all payments, including shipping costs, made by DRL for that product. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing, the costs of the review and verification are borne by the non-dominant party. 25.1 Changes and amendments are made only by a written endorsement, after consultation and confirmation from all parties. If there is a discrepancy between this agreement and the endorsement, the endorsement replaces the endorsement. 13.1 Full agreement; changes.

This agreement, the exhibits, the annexes and any amendments to this agreement constitute the full understanding and replace all previous written and oral agreements between and between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. Neither party is liable or bound to the other party in any way by assurances, guarantees or alliances with respect to that purpose, unless expressly stated. No clause in this agreement may be amended unless otherwise stated in this agreement. 4.3 When existing regulatory requirements change and there is disagreement over the interpretation of one aspect of the VPA and/or one of the contracting parties requests a review of these VPAs due to problems or conflicts related to legal or regulatory requirements, the contracting parties agree to review and, if necessary, amend and/or revise the terms of these VPAs.