A Chance Agreement Skyrim

They can wait and pass in front of them until the exit. Or you can kill her. The captain will be a little late in the passage – a good chance to discreetly slit his throat. Then there`s one on the stairs, and the other two go up. We kill him fast. Then you will get to the top of the stairs and you will turn back, and the second will go further, towards the stone. We kill one, then the second. That`s all, you can go back to Entir in Winterhold. We go to the basement and see Karlia next to Entyr: this search can be carried out without picking or pickpocketing, but just wait for Brinjolf to distract the inhabitants gathered in the market with his conversations and then enter each house.

Nevertheless, you can also make a deliberate attempt to pickpocket, after which you will be caught and arrested by vigilant city guards. Anyway, the quest “A random encounter” will fail and after a conversation with Brinjolf, you can go to the next quest. “A Random Encounter” in “Skyrim” is the name of one of the quests in The Elder Scrolls V. There is no need for mods or supplements for its appearance. We`re going to follow him. Slowly, guards will arrive on the way. I advise you to take all the torches of the holders on the way – less light, which means that there is less chance of getting noticed. Kill the guards quietly or pass – it depends on your preferences. The main thing is not to make any fuss.

In fact, the guards also walk with torches, which complicates our lizard hunt. It is better to walk at night – less chance of being noticed by the guards. And this is our entrance into the sewers. It will be necessary to replace a merchant, to convert it to a stolen ring. In fact, it is precisely this ring that we need to get from another local dealer. A special random rule does not require a thief, but I advise you to be ahead of the thieves. I also advise you to read the task carefully, as it is quite difficult to understand what you want to steal from someone the first time, but it is possible. What is particularly disconcerting is that the necessary ring is not at Madesi`s own (a argonier, local jeweler), but in a chest in his stable. Not all tasks should be searched in The Elder Scrolls 5, some of them literally find their own hero. Thus the branch of the Skyrim Thieves Guild, like Winterhold College, will find its hero.

It`s true, with only one condition, if this brave hero succeeds in Skyrim`s main quest. In the quests of the main act on the site, I have already mentioned the first quest of the Guild of Thieves, which I found an unusual translation, in my opinion, “opportunity meeting”. We will certainly have to carry out this task if we are uncomfortable flying, even in the fictional world. In this task, we will have to supervise a local trader, otherwise we will not advance in the task of A orned Ratvoran and we will not be able to find the wise but mischievous Esbern. The entanglement of these tasks does not seem very harmonious, and it is not without some errors in the game. However, you can join the Thieves Guild in The Elder Scrolls 5 on your own by contacting a character with a name in a local Brynjolf tavern… He will propose to meet in the commercial field during the day, but our task will be very insidious. Quests in “Skyrim” often raise some questions from players. Error and error systems make tasks impractical. Some challenges are not displayed in the quest protocol. All this leads to the character stopping in development.

The plot is not over, the secondary tasks are forgotten. Fortunately, much of the adventure works well. Just study the description of the task and go on a trip. Today we`re going to talk about a quest called “A Random Encounter” in “Skyrim.” How are we doing? Where is it? What does the player get out of it? We`re going to Brynjolf.