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If your organization uses a liquidator to collect pre-authorized debit payments, this must be indicated with the supplier`s name on the agreement. In the case of sporadic payments (i.e. non-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly), the agreement must include provisions for sporadic payments, in addition to details of payments by period. Once you have developed the agreement, your sponsoring bank must approve its format to ensure that it complies with ACSS rules. Your bank must also approve your customer identity verification procedures if you include an electronic agreement. If a customer wants to update their bank details, we advise you to enter into a new agreement. This is a precautionary measure to avoid any difficulties if the customer later disputes a payment and you only have the agreement with their old banking information. Once a customer has completed a contract form and returned it to you, you should check the details and keep the form as proof that your client has authorized a pre-authorized debit. You must keep your customer`s pre-authorized debit contract for at least 12 months after the last pre-authorized debit payment. Pre-authorized debit contract forms are flexible in terms of layout and content, but the following information is mandatory: this agreement is granted in connection with the payment of fees and other amounts that you (“customer”) must pay to Yapstone Canada ULC (“Yapstone”) that are generated as part of or in connection with the customer service contract between the customer and Yapstone (depending on the amendment). , the change or the additional time) (the “customer service contract”). All the terms basically used in this but un defined agreement have the same meaning as those given to them in the customer service contract. Using the online service in My Individual Account to offer a pre-authorized debit payment contract is the fastest, easiest and most environmentally friendly way to send us the requested information in the form.

Pre-authorized debit rules and Payments Canada rules protect the customer from payments made in error or fraudulently. All payments must be made in accordance with the customer`s PAD agreement. You need a customer`s authorization before any pre-authorized debit payment. In the initial agreement, the customer must be informed that the organization providing the payment is required to obtain this authorization in accordance with the rules applicable to pre-authorized debits. In this section, you will be guided by the rules and processes for setting up and managing pre-authorized debit contracts. Your client must complete a form for pre-authorized debits, either through a paper form or electronically. If you use the latter, customer data can be collected online, by email or by phone. Telephone contracts require the use of a bank-approved script with oral authorization instead of signed authorization Before you can begin paying a customer`s payments, you must obtain a pre-authorized debit agreement. This is an authorization for your client to recover future payments from his bank account. There are two types of pre-authorized debit agreements: one for recurrent payments made at fixed intervals (.

For example, weekly or monthly) and the other for sporadic payments.